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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2009|04:32 pm]
I just wanna cum.

been at it for 40 minutes. gah needs some relief.
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2009|09:39 am]
I was gone for a while and deleted this account.

I'm back. things have been difficult recently. trying to find some help. still no sexual relief. anorgasmia and inattention from the wife. feeling naughty, feeling horny as fuck, feeling frustrated sexually and otherwise. feeling lonely.
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2 weeks no sex and no masturbation. [May. 19th, 2009|10:40 am]
[Current Music |nine inch nails: love is not enough]


horny as hell. she said maybe today. I got my fingers crossed.

can't stop thinking about tieing her up, spanking her, binding her tits with soft ropes. restraining her and force feeding her pussy my cock. beating her clit with the glans of my dick until she squeels and shakes. wrapping her tits around my shaft and fucking her tits while she looks up at me, darting the tip of her tongue into the cleft on my tip.

and after that maybe she would straddle my face while I'm on my back, she would pull my head up off the bed into her pussy, slamming my face into her juicy pussy, using me to get off. I think I need to be used today.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2009|01:21 pm]
horny as hell. cock throbbing urgently, pressing against my leg, bulging and pulsing. hard to focus at work. thinking kinky thoughts. need relief.

thinking about getting spanked, or spanking a nice round ass on a naughty girl. grrrrrrr..

or maybe sneaking a horny lady under my desk at work to suck my cock and lick my balls while I'm at work, hidden under the desk, only we would know, and she'd make me cum into my trash can so as not to mess up her face or clothes, but not before she let me pulse a little cum into her mouth first, to taste me.

I could go on.. my impulse control is at an all time low. truth or dare?
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good weekend [Apr. 27th, 2009|08:11 am]
saturday night
I was driving home from out of town and we talked on the phone the whole time. discussing stuff at work. I talked to her about how she learned by example from her mom to bottle emotions, to not express them, then to vent them out inappropriately on 'safe people' like family and close friends. talked about some crap at her work, coached her through steps to face this crap and deal with it and express herself. turned out very well the next day. but anyway,

I come home and we were talking, I said something that she mistook for calling her a "whore" because she misheard, and we started playing on that a little. I've never called her a whore or a slut. but we got into it and started being really gentle about it, calling her my little slut for cock, my cock whore, my sexy little slut. my special fuck.

we smoked something together again, she was nervous about it, getting a little paranoid, so she went inside while I finished. well this got her really going, fed the cats and we stumbled into the bedroom dazed. she was already naked and laying on the bed just smiling with her eyes closed.

I came into the room and she asked me if I would open the window a little. I knew the neighbors would hear us tonight, and thought a secret joy that she probably asked me to open the window so neighbors would hear us too.

I crept up the bed to her and she smiled at me with closed eyes and breathed a heavy "hello" and we began kissing, her wiggling under me, already randy as fuck.

she pulled my clothes off and began to suck and bite my nipples while I massaged her thighs and sucked her unpierced nipple, long and deeply into my mouth. the blood was rushing all over my body, my chest felt warm, my nipples hard, my head pulsing with heat, tingling my scalp, my cock throbbing against us both where it was crammed between our thighs.

I was so hard it hurt, and she reached down and began to stroke me, the skin was so taught she could barely move it up and down my shaft, she remarked how thick and purple my glans was as she milked precum from the tip, and circled it around the surface, dipping her finger tip into my slit to finger the opening of my urethra. my urethral opening isn't very wide anymore since I haven't been wearing my PA jewelry, so she just dipped her fingernail inside and pressed her finger tip against it firmly. I started to fuck her hand, one hand around my shaft, the other hand working the tip of my cock, finger tip inside shallowly.

all this going on while I'm sucking her nipple, working it in my mouth, holding it in place with my teeth so I can batter it with my tongue like a speed bag. my hands still on her thighs, or squeezing her fat titty hard. avoiding her pussy to make her crazy.

I pulled away and told her I had to eat her pussy, and I asked if I'd eaten her out when we smoked something last, and she said no. I told her I bet a dirty whore like her would want her pussy eaten and it might be too much for her to handle but a slut like her could handle it and deserved to be pushed over the edge. she started breathing heavier and said 'yesssss'

so I climbed up under the blanket, crawling underneath from her feet up to her hot box. I told her from under the blanket that I was her secret pussy licker, that I would be here under the blanket, her little secret, people might see through the window, but they wouldn't know about me under here, eating her out. she moaned at that.

I began kissing her outer labia, her pubic mound, licking her labia, coaxing her open. like unwrapping a rose. her feet up on my shoulders, knees bent, pussy up. I licked all over her pussy and darted my tongue into her folds, avoiding her clit intentionally. I then lifted the tip of my tongue above her clit, and rolled down her hood to the bottom of her pussy, the back of my tongue massaging her down. I worked my tongue all over the opening to her vagina, hitting all those sensitive spots that love to have a dick push into and out of. she was moving and bucking a little, one foot had slipped off my shoulder onto the bed so she could push up into me.

I began to work her clit with my tongue now, sucking it into my mouth and holding it there, breathing on it, causing her shivers, my hands massaging her ass and thighs, and then I fingered her folds and opening with one finger, getting my finger wet with her juices, drowning it in her. then I slid my finger down and as she bucked against my tongue I let my finger wander to her asshole, just wetting the surface of her, dancing, and as she would come down she'd press against my finger on her ass button. she made a very primal noise as she moved her clit up against my mouth then back down to her asshole pressing against my finger, moist and sloppy. she was bucking so hard she was knocking my head off her pussy, I would rush down to meet her clit again and she'd knock back up, bucking wildly. half the time my tongue missed her clit and she pressed her clit against my nose, lips, face, etc. it didn't matter at this point. she came hard making very loud gutteral noises, lost in the pleasure. she hadn't been like this since my roommates had complained about her noise way back in the day. this was awesome to have her let loose. she kept cumming and didn't push away from me or have me stop. she came 3 times my tongue and fingers never relenting. she even let me, or maybe didn't notice, that I had began licking her asshole and rubbing her clit with my finger, well, rather I put my fingers on her clit and she smashed against them, while I licked the surface of her asshole, pressing against it but not going inside, licking the ridges, the few times I've gotten away with it there's never been a taste, she keeps herself very clean. I love the way her pussy tastes, her juices began to run down my face to my tongue on her ass button, mixing with my saliva. then I replaced my tongue with my other hand, my finger pressing against her ass, and as she bucked harder she slipped over my finger, just barely in, she came again and then realized I had a finger inside her and she moaned "uhhhhhh.." so I removed my finger and I heard her sigh. I wiped my face off on the back of my arm, they say you eat a pussy right when you look like a glazed donut. that was an understatement of my current situation. lol.

I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her like a slut and she begged me yes. I held her legs up, hands under her knees on the back of her legs, she was really tight despite the workout. it's fun to get her all wet without stretching her pussy out by hand. then trying to cram my dick inside her. I pumped the head against her, not letting it slip past the ridge of my glans. shortly pushing aganist her until she opened and I slipped inside, I pushed all the way in, the thick part of the base of my cock wedging her lips apart.

with the medication I'm on it takes forever to cum and with the smoking of stuff it made it a little more difficult.

but regardless, we fucked missionary til she came, then I turned her over, she got on hands and knees and I fucked her doggy style, making her cry my name out. I asked her if she liked how I was stuffing her pussy, fucking her. she moaned loudly "I love how you fuck my pussy! oh damn, fuck me baby stuff my pussy!"

we went through doggy, missionary, her on her side with her knees pulled up while I pounded her, back to doggy, and finally when doggy again she reached back and slapped my balls, pulling on them, tugging them, slapping them and telling me to fill her pussy with my cum and to come inside her. and I finally went over the edge filling her with cum while she quivered on me, and we lay down holding each other, unable to move. god damn.
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a poll for fun [Apr. 14th, 2009|01:27 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

Poll #1383585 a little poll (answers viewable by me only)

would you prefer a spanking or a long kiss?

are you male or female?

you're stuck on an island with your dream lover, but they can only have sex in one position ever, due to an injury. which position would you choose?

deep and slow or shallow and quick?

ever had a threesome? if yes, guys, girls, both, etc?

ever squirted?

what's your cup size, or preference in cup size in ladies?

how do you feel about ball slapping in sex?

what is the coolest thing about your genitalia?

how do you feel about cumshots?

if you had to pick one, would you prefer a lover with no arms or no legs? why, and what advantages for your choice?

what's the sexiest thing a mate has said to you in the passion of the moment?

ever got caught during a sex act in public? by who? what happened?

how do you prefer your lover to approach you for sex?

what's your biggest pet peeve in bed?

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from a friend [Apr. 8th, 2009|07:48 am]
For anybody who might want to imagine being with me ;)

1. Would you be in control?

2. Would you pull my hair?

3. Would you whisper in my ear?

4. Would you talk dirty to me?

5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?

6. Would you say my name?

7. Would you go down on me?

8. Would you let me give you a hickie?

9. How many rounds would we go?

10. What would you wanna do afterwards?

11. Would you take off all ur clothes then take mine off slowly?

12. Would you lick and bite me all over?

13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?

14. Would you want me to take my time?

15. Would you fall asleep with me when we were done?

16. Would you want us to go fast or slow?

17. Where would you wanna "do it" at?

18 Would u be loud or quiet?

19. Would you mind if i licked you?

20. Would you do it today?

21. Would you do it tomorrow?

22. Are you going to re-post these so I can answer them for you? Please?
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weekend [Apr. 6th, 2009|11:28 am]
[Current Music |marilyn manson - godeatgod]

so friday night we end up seeing that new movie adventureland.

it kinda reminds me of us, and she agrees, me being a virgin when I met her, her having sewn her oats a bit. they smoked pot and drank through the whole movie.

so after she says to me damn that made me wanna smoke something. remembering what an utter sensation slut she turns into when she's drinking or when she used to smoke I was quick to nod my agreement and approval. really? she says and I said sure. we adventure around and find some, we're waiting outside in the car for the stuff and we'd smoked some with the person on the way over. so I can't really resist and I start touching her neck and I reach over and we make out all heavy. her inhibitions gone. I see a neighbor in this neighborhood push their curtain over slightly and stare out into the dark. who knows if they saw? I didn't care.
I'm roaming my hands all over her chest, palming her breast, moving slightly pressing her nipple up, over, down. to the side. her mouth is wet and she's breathing heavy. she doesn't move to stop me like she normally would in any sort of public setting. we just don't give a fuck right then.

I break away from her with a little exit kiss and we're sitting in the car randy and high. we hadn't smoked in probably 7 or 8 years. we are both feeling it heavy. we are impatient to get out and go home and fuck. we feel like we've been here for an hour waiting. I check the phone, it's been 10 minutes.

wow lol. we are gone. I kiss her again and she reaches down and rubs my cock through my pants, precum is wetting my thigh and her hand through my pants. I'm tugging on her right nipple, between my thumb and pointer finger, while I'm feeding her my tongue, she sucks on it like it's life giving, and bites it gently. (though not shamwow bite, lol)

she pushes her tongue in my mouth and grabs the back of my head, grabbing my hair in her fist and basically holds me down to do the equivalant of mouth fucking me with her lips and tongue, using me like I was her sex tool.

damn I am so hard just recalling all this. I move my other hand up and I'm cupping both her breasts, palms rubbing her nipples while she's attacking me.

then we break off again after awhile. All I can hear is my heart thumping, my head is on fire, my hair electric, my cock aching my balls feel heavy and swollen.

eventually the person comes back, we get the stuff and I drive us home as she's a bit out of it and a little paranoid and a little worried, I take us home calmly and safely.

we get home and to the bedroom, she's already taken her clothes off. dang, I really wanted to pull them off her and touch her all over while exploring her. next time. so I strip down too, my cock catching on the bed as I crawl over to her on hands and knees.

we kiss and touch and everything slows down. nothing exists except our points of contact. like those glass balls with the electric bolts flying around we only exist at the point of contact, all other stimulus is withdrawn, muffled.

I kiss her lips, her cheeks, her neck, her chest, her breasts, my left hand cradles her head from underneath, massaging her neck while my right hand kneeds her breasts and massages her thighs, teasing over her pussy. we are taking our time, electrified.

I cup my hand over her pussy and she says "please put it inside" and I respond "put what inside?" and she says softly "your finger" and I say, ask me nicely, she says please, and I say ask me all together. please put your finger inside my pussy. I say ok, you're a good girl I can do that.

I start exploring her soaking pussy with my middle finger while my palm rests on her mound, applying some pressure to the root of her clit.

after a little she says "more" in a soft breath, sweet and gently. I ask her "more what?" she says more fingers. and I say ask me nice. Please put more fingers inside me. and I slide my pointer finger inside her, to wetten it. and then I put both middle and pointer fingers inside her, and curl them up against her gspot, while my palm presses against her clit. my mouth still working her nipples, and she cums against me, one hand digs it's fingers sharply into my back, her other hand I see clutching the sheets tightly.

then she says please put your cock inside my pussy. I lift her legs back, hands against her ankles to push her hips up legs back. I kneel up close behind her, and I let her legs come down gently, easing her pussy onto the glans of my cock. our connection is heavy.

my dick folds over a little trying to force her onto me. but with some wiggling I get it inside her and push in to the root. I lean back hands on my back while I thrust up into her, shallowly, my glans rubbing against her gspot. she cums again in short time. I turn her over and we do it doggy style.

I rub my cock head against her clit from behind, slapping her clit with it, and then rub it all over her labia and then insert into her pussy. she doesn't have her ass as high up as normal, so my cock bends slightly down and back up to fit inside. every time I thrust in I feel like I'm fucking a roller coaster pussy, up and down, down and up. like riding over a speed bump and I feel her reach back between us and start rubbing her clit.

I kneed her ass firmly just fucking her and enjoying every sensation, she cums again and collapses.

I tell her to turn over and I wrap her legs around me, resting on my hips as I enter her missionary again. she is really out of it now. I am having some trouble cumming, probably from the smoking. I fuck her hard and fast and she says she can't stop cumming and I just keep fucking her through it all, feeling her clamp down on my cock.

I turn her over again for more doggy style to get that angle where the bottom of my glans is rubbbing hard agains her pussy again. she keeps slipping forward, losing some balance, sliding forward, slumping into her pillow. I tell her to push back into me and I grab her hips slamming her pussy hard and fast while I hold her up keeping her from escaping my thrusts.

and finally I feel myself starting to go and I tell her I'm cumming and I unload inside her while she cums again, she pulls away while I'm still cumming, it's too much for her and my cock spurts about 6 more times while I jerk off on her ass, coating her.

she just lays there moaning and shuddering.

she's been turning me down the rest of the weekend and today, said she needs recovery. lol

any suggestions for variety? after writing down all these experiences I realize we do allot of the same stuff sexually. guess that's the whole long term relationship thing, finding what feels really good and sticking to it. lol
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holy rockstar batman! [Apr. 1st, 2009|11:30 am]
[Current Music |marilyn manson - putting holes in happiness]

so the night before last I dreamt of her all night. of drilling her from behind, and swinging on a swing set together in the sun, I told her about my dream and all and she said I made her feel like a rockstar.

this grew over text messaging into some roleplay, I'm her number one fan/groupie and I've got plans to pleasure her after the big show. we updated back and forth about the countdown to the concert, and how I got a VIP pass to meet her back stage.

wowzer I was hungry for her all day.

I come home and the lights are on in the bedroom, and she had just texted me that she was ready to rock. I step into the bedroom and she's on the edge of the bed, legs open slightly straddling the corner nearest me, facing me, hands back behind her on the bed giving her balance, wearing these gloves with this skirt some big dangle earrings, eye make up all rocker style blacks and purples with these socks and some teal grean hair extensions in her hair, rest of her short hair colored deep maroon and spiked/bed head sorta look. she's got on a brown tank top with a white bra and she's looking up at me with big come fuck me eyes the corner of her lower lip held back in a soft bite, I walk in and say holy shit! you are hotter in real life than in any of your videos! and she blushes at me. I approach her and we begin kissing and I'm rubbing my hands all over her chest and thighs. she pulls my shirt off and I tell her I'm her biggest fan and she starts sucking on my nipple and tugging at my pants, I help her take them off while she nibbles and bites and sucks on my chest. I start to lose balance a little and step back to strip and jump back into it.

I'm telling her how much I enjoyed her show and how hot she looks, and how I like her short little skirt and we make out some more and I start gently biting her nipples through her shirt and bra while I'm rubbing her thighs and touching her face and neck and hair. she's melting for me and I pull her pierced tit out of the top of her bra and tank top and say Wow, your tits are amazing. they're even bigger than they look in the magazines and I lick and gnaw on her nipple without teeth and clutch her breast in my hand squeezing it with hunger. I lift her other breast out and pay it similar attention, sucking harder on the nipple, trying to draw her whole areola into my mouth, then I press her nipples towards each other and lick back and forth between them rapidly.

then I remember she said in her text she wanted her groupie to take her stockings off slowly, one by one. so I lean back a step and lift her leg up on my chest, and dip down to kiss inside her thigh, and I bite the edge of her stocking and pull it up off her leg as I stand up fully, and then pull it off with my hands off her foot, and turn to her other leg and ask "isn't this what you wanted your number one fan to do? take your stockings off real slow?" and she chokes out a yes, flushed in excitement and a little embarrassment.
I take off her other stocking by hand, real slow, chasing the edge with kisses from her thighs up behind her knees down her calf and remove her stocking.

I drop to my knees and pull her hips to me bringing her almost off the corner of the bed. now the cat is meowing and running over us, so I pause and escort him to the door close it, now where was I? ah yes. I return between her legs, push her legs back tilting her pussy towards me, her skirt slips back and I am greeted by a light blue thong pulled tight against her lips. I pull her thong off and eat her out like it's the last time I'll ever get the chance. I ask her how many fingers rock stars like inside them and she tells me to start with one. pretty soon she's cumming on my hand while I'm finger banging her pussy with two fingers, pressing her gspot while I press hard on her clit with my tongue, her thighs shaking, feet on my shoulders.

she tells me she wants me inside her and we move back onto the bed, I push her legs and ass up and slide my knees/thighs under her and thrust into her hard making her tits bounce as she says "ahhhhhh!"
I reach up to her tank top and she moves to help me take it off, but I just grab the top of the tank and her bra in my hand, at the center and pull my fingers into a fist and turn my hand palm up, wrapping my hand up in her top and bra and using it as a handle to pull her to me as I thrust inside her. ride em cowboy as they say.

after riding like this for a bit she asks me if she can take over, and I say yes and she says she'll leave the skirt on, I lay on my back and she straddles me, rubbing the glans of my cock up and down her slit, against her clit, and teasing and abusing herself with it before stuffing it insider her pussy and sitting down fully on me. she sits back her hands on my thighs while I tease her nipples through her top until she can't stay up anymore and lays over me cumming hard and shaking.

I ask if she wants me to take over and she asks if I wanna do it from behind since I was dreaming about it and I tell her there's nothing more that I could want right now than to fuck her from behind.

there's chains on the back of the skirt I find to my surprise as she gets on her knees and elbows, ass up for me. I get bewteen her legs and push my way inside her pussy, and begin to fuck her slow and deep. then I grab the chains with each hand and begin to pull her into me as I thrust, rapidly pounding her and I start losing control and telling her how much this means to me to fuck my favorite star, how beautiful she was tonight and how she must realize how hard she makes all the male fans and then she slips a hand down between her legs and puts her vibrator against my balls while I'm fucking her, spurring me on even harder and faster. her moans meeting mine. then she puts the vibrator on her pussy and cums hard while I'm pounding away at her pink little pussy, filling her with cock. she can't take the sensation anymore and pulls away from me and turns onto her back, spent.

I take the vibrator and ask her if it's too much right now as I press it against her mound, above the clit. she tells me it's fine if I want to use it. so I get between her legs again, sliding in noisely with a shlurp and plop noise. I put her feet on my hips and hold her from under her ass with my arms after setting the vibe over her clit.
I press against her and move very slightly inside her and she cums again and is really quivering now so I take the vibrator away and start fucking her deep and hard again, not moving out very far so I can hit the upper wall of her pussy with lots of connection and force. It's the same angle as the night before when she drenched me and thought she had peed.

So we're both getting really close and I tell her I don't think I can take it much more and she says she's cumming too, I pump harder inside her and she tries to pull away and ends up squirting all over the head of my cock, so as I'm shooting cum out it feels like she's squirting into me while I'm humping away on her vagina. god damn it felt so good. we cleaned ate dinner in bed and passed out. yays!
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don't stop! she says to me last night [Mar. 31st, 2009|08:13 am]
[Current Music |joy division: she's lost control]

so I come home from work, been thinking about sex all day. this last week and a half was long. being away for the weekend made it more difficult and I struggled hard to not masturbate, thinking how good it would feel to let loose with her after so much build up, and jerking off would just ruin that anticipation.

so anyway, she's got some friends over, I come home , jeans a little wet at the crotch from precum at the office all day, hard all day. so I pull up a chair behind the couch since it's her and her friends in the living room. and of course she's wearing a great tank top showing off her double d's perfectly and I can't help but just stare at them. fuck her friends, I come in the door and lean over the back of the couch to kiss her, long and passionate right there in front of her girls and I reach a hand back softly across her shoulders and back of her neck. I momentarily grasp the hair on the back of her neck in a fist while I'm making out with her. I hear her friend on the same couch say something or giggle nervously, I couldn't really tell, but I felt she was a little nervous and made a comment about us. so the wife pushes me back and she's glowing and blushing together. I sit down behind the couch on a dining chair, so I can just stare at her, stare down her shirt, watch her talk, zone into her. her friend to the left asks me something and I look over, bam! she's wearing a deep cut little tank top, she's got small B's and I can see almost all of her tits except her nipple. surprise! lol.

so now I'm surrounded. I can't look anywhere without seeing tits. I get up to get a snack. then another of her friends shows up with her mom to say hi (she just moved back to town) and of course she's wearing a little tank top too. so I try to occupy myself by talking to her mom and eventually I find myself staring at my wife again and kissing her and I lost control and my hand found it's way to her breast and I'm holding it, rubbing my hand gently across her fat nipple. and she pushes me off laughing and grabbing her chest to protect herself from me.

so her friend & mom and the other friend get the clue and decide to take off. But of course the friend on the couch is happy to hang out and torture us. I had to leave in an hour, so I was thinking I could probably cum before I had to leave if I start right now. So I get on the couch between them and make out with my wife some more and her friend says something again about "you guys" and I remember this isn't the first time she's delayed my gratification. fucker.

so time passes and she won't leave, but we're all just watching tv and hanging out so it's not like there's any reason to hang around for her. so time goes and I leave. then come back. turns out her friend wanted to talk to my wife about her new boy toy, but I guess not while I was there, and she left like 10 minutes after I did. and I remembered this wasn't the first time she's cock blocked me in my own house.

so anyway. I come home, still randy as hell. we're eating dinner and we're talking about her friend and I start verbalizing my intent to get her friend out of our house. "maybe next time I'll just come over there, start making out with you, and kiss my way down your chest, take your pants off and start eating your pussy, maybe climb up on the couch between you, start kicking and pushing against your friend with my feet, and kick her off the couch while I eat you out. you think she would leave then?" and my wife is blushing and I think that got her going, getting licked while her friend sits there and watches. so she heads to the bedroom after saying "what?!" and giggling a little. embarrassed and flushed in face and elsewhere I'm sure. ;)

so I turn off the tv, and go back to the bedroom. the lights are off. she says "finally! I've been waiting!" but in a playful way. I climb into bed still naked from my shower after coming home. we snuggle up under the blankets and the kitten climbs into bed and lays down between us to snuggle. lol. so I pick him up and set him on the floor. "mommy and daddy's time now buddy"
we're kissing and I'm doing my best to touch her everywhere except her erogenous areas. run my hands over her arms and shoulders and tummy and thighs. avoiding her breasts and pussy. hands through her hair, back of her neck. she's beginning to moan into my mouth. and the kitten is back!
so I escort the little beast to the door, and inform him that the bedroom is full at this time and he will need to wait outside and close him out.

I return to bed and she's on her back, I'm to the side of her, on hands and knees, kissing her, she reaches out between my legs and starts weighing my balls in her hand, then starts stroking me gently, rubbing the tip on the sheets as she's jerking me more vigorously. I work my way down her chest with kisses, stopping to gently nibble or kiss with a little suction, down her breasts to her nipples, which are already hard and thick. I lick the underside of one nipple, pressing up on it from underneath, rolling it on my tongue, breathing on it gently as I go. then I take her pierced one and between my lips and pull it into my mouth, hands still roaming on her thighs, her hand working me harder, pulling my balls down, squeezing them, bringing me under her spell more fully. I tell her "I have to taste your pussy baby" and I climb down between her legs, kissing her thighs open, working my way closer and closer to her pussy, but not touching her there yet.

I kiss and nibble her thighs, on the inside, and towards the back, alternating and working my way across each thigh, skipping a heart beat over her sex. and then I begin to kiss her outer labia, and gently breath against her between kisses. I prod my way into her with my tongue, lapping and kissing her lips and opening to her vagina, avoiding her clit, teasing her, softening her up. and then I press the back of my tongue down against the area above her clit, and gently slide down her hood, then remove my tongue and press it again against the hood up above her clit and slide down. over and over getting firmer until she's quaking and squeezing my face hard with her thighs and I ask if she's had enough and she tells me she wants me inside her. she brings her feet back towards her head, I press my palms against the back of her calf/ankle and lift her ass up and put my thighs under her ass, then with one hand I open her folds and guide my cock against her opening, and dart the tip in and out slowly, working up to it.

It's been awhile since last time so I'm working the head in, and with a little effort I push it past the triceratops ridge into her pussy with a mutual moan. wow I say, you're really tight, she says yes baby, I can feel every ridge and fold and vein on you, and this spurs me, I push deeply into her in one thrust, and back out to just the very tip of the head, and back in deeply, slowly and with an easy rhythm, enjoying every inch of her with every inch of me.

It feels so good I'm having trouble keeping a rhythm and I keep grabbing at her thighs trying to fuck her vigorously without falling off, I'm caught between uncontrollable thrusting and pleasure that's so much I keep losing control of my legs and arms.

she's panting heavy and moaning as her orgasm approaches. I push her legs up higher my hands on the back of her thighs, and I pull out and slap my cock against her pussy hard and rapid a bunch of times, then I hook her thighs in the bend in my arms and hook my hands around her thighs so I can hold on. I push back into her and start rapid fire fucking her holding on latched to her thighs and I'm starting to lose control as her pussy clutches my cock, squeezing it, she says don't stop don't stop fuck me fuck me! and I ask her if she wants me to cum inside her and she says yes, yes, cum inside meeee and turns into groan and silent tension as I pump into her while she cums and I fill her pussy with my seed.

we can't move for a minute or so and I roll off her panting. she says I think I peed and the bed is covered and my crotch and thighs down to my knees are covered and my lower half is glistening in the moonlight. I tell her that's not pee and we clean up and we realize she had her first squirt. musta hit the spot just right at that angle. she says that's a good thing right? embarrassed and I tell her oh yeah, that is such a turn on that I could make you do that and she says you must be feeling like king cock right now huh? and I say yes. we clean up and hold each other then she takes a shower and comes back to bed and we drift off in each other's arms. I dream of her all night. of fucking her from behind, of sitting on a swing set with her, riding double in the sun, her face beaming in the light, warm and happy with a cool breeze and warm sun, her smile and her face is so beautiful and I can't help but to cry a little when I wake up I'm so touched by how wonderful she is.
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