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holy rockstar batman! [Apr. 1st, 2009|11:30 am]
[Current Music |marilyn manson - putting holes in happiness]

so the night before last I dreamt of her all night. of drilling her from behind, and swinging on a swing set together in the sun, I told her about my dream and all and she said I made her feel like a rockstar.

this grew over text messaging into some roleplay, I'm her number one fan/groupie and I've got plans to pleasure her after the big show. we updated back and forth about the countdown to the concert, and how I got a VIP pass to meet her back stage.

wowzer I was hungry for her all day.

I come home and the lights are on in the bedroom, and she had just texted me that she was ready to rock. I step into the bedroom and she's on the edge of the bed, legs open slightly straddling the corner nearest me, facing me, hands back behind her on the bed giving her balance, wearing these gloves with this skirt some big dangle earrings, eye make up all rocker style blacks and purples with these socks and some teal grean hair extensions in her hair, rest of her short hair colored deep maroon and spiked/bed head sorta look. she's got on a brown tank top with a white bra and she's looking up at me with big come fuck me eyes the corner of her lower lip held back in a soft bite, I walk in and say holy shit! you are hotter in real life than in any of your videos! and she blushes at me. I approach her and we begin kissing and I'm rubbing my hands all over her chest and thighs. she pulls my shirt off and I tell her I'm her biggest fan and she starts sucking on my nipple and tugging at my pants, I help her take them off while she nibbles and bites and sucks on my chest. I start to lose balance a little and step back to strip and jump back into it.

I'm telling her how much I enjoyed her show and how hot she looks, and how I like her short little skirt and we make out some more and I start gently biting her nipples through her shirt and bra while I'm rubbing her thighs and touching her face and neck and hair. she's melting for me and I pull her pierced tit out of the top of her bra and tank top and say Wow, your tits are amazing. they're even bigger than they look in the magazines and I lick and gnaw on her nipple without teeth and clutch her breast in my hand squeezing it with hunger. I lift her other breast out and pay it similar attention, sucking harder on the nipple, trying to draw her whole areola into my mouth, then I press her nipples towards each other and lick back and forth between them rapidly.

then I remember she said in her text she wanted her groupie to take her stockings off slowly, one by one. so I lean back a step and lift her leg up on my chest, and dip down to kiss inside her thigh, and I bite the edge of her stocking and pull it up off her leg as I stand up fully, and then pull it off with my hands off her foot, and turn to her other leg and ask "isn't this what you wanted your number one fan to do? take your stockings off real slow?" and she chokes out a yes, flushed in excitement and a little embarrassment.
I take off her other stocking by hand, real slow, chasing the edge with kisses from her thighs up behind her knees down her calf and remove her stocking.

I drop to my knees and pull her hips to me bringing her almost off the corner of the bed. now the cat is meowing and running over us, so I pause and escort him to the door close it, now where was I? ah yes. I return between her legs, push her legs back tilting her pussy towards me, her skirt slips back and I am greeted by a light blue thong pulled tight against her lips. I pull her thong off and eat her out like it's the last time I'll ever get the chance. I ask her how many fingers rock stars like inside them and she tells me to start with one. pretty soon she's cumming on my hand while I'm finger banging her pussy with two fingers, pressing her gspot while I press hard on her clit with my tongue, her thighs shaking, feet on my shoulders.

she tells me she wants me inside her and we move back onto the bed, I push her legs and ass up and slide my knees/thighs under her and thrust into her hard making her tits bounce as she says "ahhhhhh!"
I reach up to her tank top and she moves to help me take it off, but I just grab the top of the tank and her bra in my hand, at the center and pull my fingers into a fist and turn my hand palm up, wrapping my hand up in her top and bra and using it as a handle to pull her to me as I thrust inside her. ride em cowboy as they say.

after riding like this for a bit she asks me if she can take over, and I say yes and she says she'll leave the skirt on, I lay on my back and she straddles me, rubbing the glans of my cock up and down her slit, against her clit, and teasing and abusing herself with it before stuffing it insider her pussy and sitting down fully on me. she sits back her hands on my thighs while I tease her nipples through her top until she can't stay up anymore and lays over me cumming hard and shaking.

I ask if she wants me to take over and she asks if I wanna do it from behind since I was dreaming about it and I tell her there's nothing more that I could want right now than to fuck her from behind.

there's chains on the back of the skirt I find to my surprise as she gets on her knees and elbows, ass up for me. I get bewteen her legs and push my way inside her pussy, and begin to fuck her slow and deep. then I grab the chains with each hand and begin to pull her into me as I thrust, rapidly pounding her and I start losing control and telling her how much this means to me to fuck my favorite star, how beautiful she was tonight and how she must realize how hard she makes all the male fans and then she slips a hand down between her legs and puts her vibrator against my balls while I'm fucking her, spurring me on even harder and faster. her moans meeting mine. then she puts the vibrator on her pussy and cums hard while I'm pounding away at her pink little pussy, filling her with cock. she can't take the sensation anymore and pulls away from me and turns onto her back, spent.

I take the vibrator and ask her if it's too much right now as I press it against her mound, above the clit. she tells me it's fine if I want to use it. so I get between her legs again, sliding in noisely with a shlurp and plop noise. I put her feet on my hips and hold her from under her ass with my arms after setting the vibe over her clit.
I press against her and move very slightly inside her and she cums again and is really quivering now so I take the vibrator away and start fucking her deep and hard again, not moving out very far so I can hit the upper wall of her pussy with lots of connection and force. It's the same angle as the night before when she drenched me and thought she had peed.

So we're both getting really close and I tell her I don't think I can take it much more and she says she's cumming too, I pump harder inside her and she tries to pull away and ends up squirting all over the head of my cock, so as I'm shooting cum out it feels like she's squirting into me while I'm humping away on her vagina. god damn it felt so good. we cleaned ate dinner in bed and passed out. yays!

From: naughty_j
2009-04-02 12:42 am (UTC)
{pant} Yeah, your good. I like your stories! *wink*

*sigh* Oh...you are ohhhh so lucky! *jealous smile*

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[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-04-03 07:16 pm (UTC)
thanks, happy to share. ;)
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From: sweetcakes69
2009-04-03 03:44 pm (UTC)
Your stuff is very hot! I added you back.
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[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-04-03 07:15 pm (UTC)
thanks, glad you enjoyed ;)
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