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good weekend [Apr. 27th, 2009|08:11 am]
saturday night
I was driving home from out of town and we talked on the phone the whole time. discussing stuff at work. I talked to her about how she learned by example from her mom to bottle emotions, to not express them, then to vent them out inappropriately on 'safe people' like family and close friends. talked about some crap at her work, coached her through steps to face this crap and deal with it and express herself. turned out very well the next day. but anyway,

I come home and we were talking, I said something that she mistook for calling her a "whore" because she misheard, and we started playing on that a little. I've never called her a whore or a slut. but we got into it and started being really gentle about it, calling her my little slut for cock, my cock whore, my sexy little slut. my special fuck.

we smoked something together again, she was nervous about it, getting a little paranoid, so she went inside while I finished. well this got her really going, fed the cats and we stumbled into the bedroom dazed. she was already naked and laying on the bed just smiling with her eyes closed.

I came into the room and she asked me if I would open the window a little. I knew the neighbors would hear us tonight, and thought a secret joy that she probably asked me to open the window so neighbors would hear us too.

I crept up the bed to her and she smiled at me with closed eyes and breathed a heavy "hello" and we began kissing, her wiggling under me, already randy as fuck.

she pulled my clothes off and began to suck and bite my nipples while I massaged her thighs and sucked her unpierced nipple, long and deeply into my mouth. the blood was rushing all over my body, my chest felt warm, my nipples hard, my head pulsing with heat, tingling my scalp, my cock throbbing against us both where it was crammed between our thighs.

I was so hard it hurt, and she reached down and began to stroke me, the skin was so taught she could barely move it up and down my shaft, she remarked how thick and purple my glans was as she milked precum from the tip, and circled it around the surface, dipping her finger tip into my slit to finger the opening of my urethra. my urethral opening isn't very wide anymore since I haven't been wearing my PA jewelry, so she just dipped her fingernail inside and pressed her finger tip against it firmly. I started to fuck her hand, one hand around my shaft, the other hand working the tip of my cock, finger tip inside shallowly.

all this going on while I'm sucking her nipple, working it in my mouth, holding it in place with my teeth so I can batter it with my tongue like a speed bag. my hands still on her thighs, or squeezing her fat titty hard. avoiding her pussy to make her crazy.

I pulled away and told her I had to eat her pussy, and I asked if I'd eaten her out when we smoked something last, and she said no. I told her I bet a dirty whore like her would want her pussy eaten and it might be too much for her to handle but a slut like her could handle it and deserved to be pushed over the edge. she started breathing heavier and said 'yesssss'

so I climbed up under the blanket, crawling underneath from her feet up to her hot box. I told her from under the blanket that I was her secret pussy licker, that I would be here under the blanket, her little secret, people might see through the window, but they wouldn't know about me under here, eating her out. she moaned at that.

I began kissing her outer labia, her pubic mound, licking her labia, coaxing her open. like unwrapping a rose. her feet up on my shoulders, knees bent, pussy up. I licked all over her pussy and darted my tongue into her folds, avoiding her clit intentionally. I then lifted the tip of my tongue above her clit, and rolled down her hood to the bottom of her pussy, the back of my tongue massaging her down. I worked my tongue all over the opening to her vagina, hitting all those sensitive spots that love to have a dick push into and out of. she was moving and bucking a little, one foot had slipped off my shoulder onto the bed so she could push up into me.

I began to work her clit with my tongue now, sucking it into my mouth and holding it there, breathing on it, causing her shivers, my hands massaging her ass and thighs, and then I fingered her folds and opening with one finger, getting my finger wet with her juices, drowning it in her. then I slid my finger down and as she bucked against my tongue I let my finger wander to her asshole, just wetting the surface of her, dancing, and as she would come down she'd press against my finger on her ass button. she made a very primal noise as she moved her clit up against my mouth then back down to her asshole pressing against my finger, moist and sloppy. she was bucking so hard she was knocking my head off her pussy, I would rush down to meet her clit again and she'd knock back up, bucking wildly. half the time my tongue missed her clit and she pressed her clit against my nose, lips, face, etc. it didn't matter at this point. she came hard making very loud gutteral noises, lost in the pleasure. she hadn't been like this since my roommates had complained about her noise way back in the day. this was awesome to have her let loose. she kept cumming and didn't push away from me or have me stop. she came 3 times my tongue and fingers never relenting. she even let me, or maybe didn't notice, that I had began licking her asshole and rubbing her clit with my finger, well, rather I put my fingers on her clit and she smashed against them, while I licked the surface of her asshole, pressing against it but not going inside, licking the ridges, the few times I've gotten away with it there's never been a taste, she keeps herself very clean. I love the way her pussy tastes, her juices began to run down my face to my tongue on her ass button, mixing with my saliva. then I replaced my tongue with my other hand, my finger pressing against her ass, and as she bucked harder she slipped over my finger, just barely in, she came again and then realized I had a finger inside her and she moaned "uhhhhhh.." so I removed my finger and I heard her sigh. I wiped my face off on the back of my arm, they say you eat a pussy right when you look like a glazed donut. that was an understatement of my current situation. lol.

I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her like a slut and she begged me yes. I held her legs up, hands under her knees on the back of her legs, she was really tight despite the workout. it's fun to get her all wet without stretching her pussy out by hand. then trying to cram my dick inside her. I pumped the head against her, not letting it slip past the ridge of my glans. shortly pushing aganist her until she opened and I slipped inside, I pushed all the way in, the thick part of the base of my cock wedging her lips apart.

with the medication I'm on it takes forever to cum and with the smoking of stuff it made it a little more difficult.

but regardless, we fucked missionary til she came, then I turned her over, she got on hands and knees and I fucked her doggy style, making her cry my name out. I asked her if she liked how I was stuffing her pussy, fucking her. she moaned loudly "I love how you fuck my pussy! oh damn, fuck me baby stuff my pussy!"

we went through doggy, missionary, her on her side with her knees pulled up while I pounded her, back to doggy, and finally when doggy again she reached back and slapped my balls, pulling on them, tugging them, slapping them and telling me to fill her pussy with my cum and to come inside her. and I finally went over the edge filling her with cum while she quivered on me, and we lay down holding each other, unable to move. god damn.

From: sweetcakes69
2009-04-28 12:29 am (UTC)
Wow. I like the way you fuck! :)
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[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-04-28 01:29 pm (UTC)
thanks :)
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[User Picture]From: clutch_kitty
2009-04-28 03:51 am (UTC)
MMmmmm, you sound like a good fuck.
Me next :p
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[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-04-28 01:30 pm (UTC)
thanks : )
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From: glasses_aresexy
2009-05-22 05:35 pm (UTC)
I found your journal randomly and must say that this post is so fucking hot. Wow.

Mind if I add you?
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[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-05-22 06:51 pm (UTC)
I do not mind at all! :) added you back.
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