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neighbors having sex [Mar. 30th, 2009|10:11 am]
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

it's dirty and sexy and voyeuristic and naughty.

hearing her cry out in an angry gutteral tone "fuck me! fuck me! oh shit, shit, shit, shit! fuck me harder!" and hearing them groan together in orgasm, her muttering nonsensical cum talk into panting, breathing slowing down slowly.

they live below us. why there isn't an LJ community for hearing your neighbors have sex is beyond me. maybe I'll start one. maybe you can share some stories of neighbor sex of your own?

edit: ok, made a community - http://community.livejournal.com/neighborsex/profile

so the other night I wake up and I'm thirsty so I go get water from the kitchen and it's about 1:34 am according to the microwave clock. I see the cat is at the couch staring at the balcony door, so I go and lay down and pet him and snuggle him and I hear a muffled rhythmic "uh uh uh" so I creep up to the sliding door and pull it just barely open and I hear the downstairs neighbors fucking hard. she has a very 'kathleen turner' raspy sexy voice, she's blond haired, long hair in a ponytail usually. a little under 6 foot, medium frame, thin, probably large B's maybe C cup breasts, wears makeup sometimes, though it looks like she's still got that high school fashion sense, wearing blue eyeshadows that don't really compliment her. she has a pretty face but looks a little weathered, and she has a juicy ass. sorta the rough girl kind, like has had a history of drinking and smoking a little too long. rough and tough, the kind of gal to have at your side in a bar fight maybe. her boyfriend is tall and dark haired, short hair, kinda goofy like an ichobod crane, though not that skinny. he's really friendly, has a welcoming warm face, like a boy that you'd find equally at home playing baseball, inspecting roadkill, swimming at the pool, etc.. boy next door and his rough bitch girl friend.

I imagine sex starts when she wants it. maybe she lays her hand flat on his head and then curls her hand into a fist, the better to grab his short hair. she pulls his face down to her and kisses him roughly, maybe biting his lip. she tells him she wants to fuck and he better get hard for her. she takes his clothes off without concern for his comfort, having a need and seeing him only as a tool to get off. though in secret, this rough girl probably fantasizes.. she wants to be pushed around and used a little too, maybe dominated and told what to do on occassion. but tonight she wants to get off hard. she takes her sweat pants off, no panties on underneath. bra and tank top. she takes off the tank top but keeps her bra on cuz she doesn't want him cumming too fast at the sight of her tits jiggling, nipples erect. she pulls his head to her chest again by the root of his hair. he knows to lick and suck and nibble at her breasts, coaxing her nipples to stiffness through her bra, while she begins to explore her pussy folds with her other hand.

before long she's dipping a couple fingers inside and cursing roughly, "fuck! fuck! oooooh oooooh god damn! harder, suck my nipple harder! fuck! fuck!" I've never heard her say yes, she swears allot. she cums on her own hand while he bites and sucks at her nipples. I bet they are dark fat nipples, short in length, the kind that fill your mouth and stand out in moonlight, dark contrast to the milky color of her untanned tits and tan lines from her tank tops she always wears. like 80's playboy tits.

she sees he's half hard by now, she lets go of his hair, pushes him down on the bed on his back, he's sitting up, hands behind him to keep him up so he can watch her, legs over the edge of the bed. she drops to her knees and he pulls her hair back into a pony tail. she grabs his cock in both hands, at the base, to steady it. she puts the head inside her mouth and pumps it with her lips, her hands firm and tight around his cock so that he can't get completely erect. she enjoys feeling the urgency of his erection press against her hands, knowing she has the power to make him squirm like this, she feels pressure against her hands as the base of his cock engorges, urgent to fill the rest of him to full power. she releases the grip on his cock and circles her thumb and forefinger around the base of his scrotum tightly, stretching the skin of his ball sack tightly, and using her other hand lightly runs her nails against his sensitive balls.

he's really ready to go for her now, and starts controlling her head by his hand made pony tail, forcing her face down on his length. fucking her throat and holding himself up with one arm while he thrusts into the back of her throat. he feels her begin to gag and puts himself completely down her throat, holding her head there, flexing his cock against her walls. and then he pulls her off his dick by the hair so she can breathe in heavy labored breaths, saliva dripping all over, strings of saliva hanging and running from her mouth to his crotch. her face is red like I've seen it when they drink too much and stay up too late, too loud with their music and talking. red faced and out of breath. he stands up and keeps her down on her knees, wraps his hand in her hair behind her head and fucks her face some more, his other hand reaches under her chin to squeeze himself through her throat, fucking her throat and his hand in a rocking rhythm. he feels himself getting really into it and would love to just thrust into the back of her throat and fill her stomach, but she feels his balls fight to pull up, she keeps them tight so they can't pull up, tight so his cum can't escape them yet. he groans in pleasure and frustration.

then she pulls her mouth off him. holding his balls still to keep him from cumming accidentally, giving him a breather while she teases his thighs with nips and kisses.

then she lets go of him, opens the window of the room for air and for me to hear them. she gets on the bed, on her hands and knees and commands him "come over and fuck this pussy like you mean it!"

she never says "Oh god" she never says "yes! yes!" she just curses and mutters and groans, like an animal with no sense of language.

he pulls her labia open and fills her pussy in one deep thrust, to the hilt, his balls slam forward like the end of a towel when being whipped, slapping her clit with some force. he holds inside her for a minute, feeling her pussy quiver and clasp him, adjusting and flexing on his length, becoming accommodated to his intrusion. and then he pulls out, till the head is barely tip inside her, the extra girth of his glans stretching the opening of her pussy. then he slams back inside her and she says "fuuuuuuck!" loud and hard and a little surprised. he begins rocking, fucking her to the hilt and back out to the edge again, and deep in, then back out, slipping out all the way occassionally so that she can reach down and slap the bottom side of his cock hard up into her clit rapidly, then she stuffs him back inside her roughly with her hand, fumbling with it, bending it against her in urgency, his relief comes at the thrusting as his cock straightens out inside her, back at a comfortable angle. they pound into each other, he holding her hips, she working her clit with one hand, the other hand against the wall to keep her from collapsing. she wants everyone to hear, and you can't do that with your face buried in your pillow.

and now I hear her cry out in that angry gutteral tone "fuck me! fuck me! oh shit, shit, shit, shit! fuck me harder!" and I hear them groan together and cum in orgasm, he's probably filling her pussy while she rubs her clit like she's kneading bread,. her muttering nonsensical cum talk, "oh shit, fucker fuck fuck hmmm shit fuckerfuck.." into panting, breathing slowing down, slowly.

and then I heard the window close, and I close the glass door, and come back to bed. wife still asleep. climb into bed with a hard on, wishing she was awake but she's deep in sleep. so eventually I fall asleep. maybe tonight I'll luck out.
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so it begins [Mar. 17th, 2009|01:33 pm]
First entry, this journal is to let out all my little deviant thoughts, real life sexual encounters, an outlet for things I wouldn't post on my standard LJ

backgroundCollapse )

so anyway. last week we saw the remake of Last House on the Left. Afterwards, I turned to her and said "and you wanted to fuck tonight? that was pretty disturbing!" she mirrored my feelings. but we turned things around later. in bed, watching that 70's show, her and I on our sides, spooning me behind her. I began kissing her neck gently, using my finger tips to brush her hair back off her neck. I gently began to touch her neck, smoothly and softly, finger tips down the back/side of her neck, soft and sweet, down to her shoulder. I made little circles of kisses on her neck. sweet and gentle and slow. she began to quietly 'mmmmmmmmmm...' and when I stopped she asked what that was for. and I told her no reason, I just wanted to kiss you there. she turned towards me, tv show discarded, breasts sweeping over to meet me, hands down to my cock, massaging and stroking my balls and cock, pumping me to hardness while we kiss, mouths open and tongue gently pressing against lips, exploring and pressing urgently. After a bit of making out I work my hands down to her wet little pussy, stroking her lips, cupping her pussy while I work my kisses down to her pierced nipple, licking it into awareness, pressing on it with my tongue from different angles, circling her engorged nickle sized nipple, blowing on it gently till she's melting in my hand.

I work my way down her double d's kissing my way down her stomach to her thighs, kissing everywhere but where she wants me most. I unfold her and put her feet on my shoulders for better angle and access, licking at her clit, index finger working it's way inside her just barely, then dancing fingers along the opening to her pussy. lifting her clit up on my tongue, pressed up from beneath, balanced on my tongue firmly while I work her over with my hand finger banging her until she cums forcefully, scooting away from my mouth and hand for relief after.

she begs me to fuck her, and she puts her feet up on my hips in an open butterfly kind of position, lifting her pussy up and I pull her folds open as I dip the head just inside her and pump in and out slowly until she's commanding me to fuck her through grit teeth and I slam in to the hilt, startling her, stretching her with my thickness, glans pushed against her cervix and then I start pumping, shallow short and fast, occasionally slowing down with deep fucking. I want to be inside her up to her stomach. I lift her ass further up off the bed and I lift my leg up so I can thrust down on her from above, every thrust my balls smash against her urging us both on. she cums again and is so wet I slip out a couple times.

I ask her to take over and she stradles me, keeping on knee up to rub the glans of my cock against her clit until she cums again, inserting me and dropping down on my length as she cums, filling her pussy with me. she rides on top, grinding her pussy against me, grinding her gspot on my cock while I spank her and tease her nipples until she cums again, shaking her arms and legs are spagetti and she collapses on me, eyes shut quiverring. she mutters something about jesus and how she's still cumming. I roll her on to her back and wrap her legs around me while she's dazed. I position myself to follow the curve of her pussy and fuck away like I'm powering a bullet train. she pushes her breasts together with her palms and shakes them about while staring in my eyes and asking if I want to cum on those big titties. I tell her I can't hold back much longer and she commands me to let her stroke me off on her tits. I fuck her hard and begin to feel myself going, all I can say is 'ok, ok ok ok ok' and I pull out and stand above her and right away she grabs my cock and strokes it quickly while still holding her breasts with the other hand now wrapped around them. she aims my cock at her double d's and I begin to cover them in stream after stream of cum jets, she starts to slow down and I beg her not to stop, she milks me until I'm empty. my load spent, her chest and stomach covered, she remarks how I musta really needed to cum because I've coated her well. she keeps stroking my cock until I collapse next to her, we lay there panting for awhile before clean up and sleep, nestled together under the blanket, legs entwined, heads on each others arms holding each other close.
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