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don't stop! she says to me last night - phallusfoam [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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don't stop! she says to me last night [Mar. 31st, 2009|08:13 am]
[Current Music |joy division: she's lost control]

so I come home from work, been thinking about sex all day. this last week and a half was long. being away for the weekend made it more difficult and I struggled hard to not masturbate, thinking how good it would feel to let loose with her after so much build up, and jerking off would just ruin that anticipation.

so anyway, she's got some friends over, I come home , jeans a little wet at the crotch from precum at the office all day, hard all day. so I pull up a chair behind the couch since it's her and her friends in the living room. and of course she's wearing a great tank top showing off her double d's perfectly and I can't help but just stare at them. fuck her friends, I come in the door and lean over the back of the couch to kiss her, long and passionate right there in front of her girls and I reach a hand back softly across her shoulders and back of her neck. I momentarily grasp the hair on the back of her neck in a fist while I'm making out with her. I hear her friend on the same couch say something or giggle nervously, I couldn't really tell, but I felt she was a little nervous and made a comment about us. so the wife pushes me back and she's glowing and blushing together. I sit down behind the couch on a dining chair, so I can just stare at her, stare down her shirt, watch her talk, zone into her. her friend to the left asks me something and I look over, bam! she's wearing a deep cut little tank top, she's got small B's and I can see almost all of her tits except her nipple. surprise! lol.

so now I'm surrounded. I can't look anywhere without seeing tits. I get up to get a snack. then another of her friends shows up with her mom to say hi (she just moved back to town) and of course she's wearing a little tank top too. so I try to occupy myself by talking to her mom and eventually I find myself staring at my wife again and kissing her and I lost control and my hand found it's way to her breast and I'm holding it, rubbing my hand gently across her fat nipple. and she pushes me off laughing and grabbing her chest to protect herself from me.

so her friend & mom and the other friend get the clue and decide to take off. But of course the friend on the couch is happy to hang out and torture us. I had to leave in an hour, so I was thinking I could probably cum before I had to leave if I start right now. So I get on the couch between them and make out with my wife some more and her friend says something again about "you guys" and I remember this isn't the first time she's delayed my gratification. fucker.

so time passes and she won't leave, but we're all just watching tv and hanging out so it's not like there's any reason to hang around for her. so time goes and I leave. then come back. turns out her friend wanted to talk to my wife about her new boy toy, but I guess not while I was there, and she left like 10 minutes after I did. and I remembered this wasn't the first time she's cock blocked me in my own house.

so anyway. I come home, still randy as hell. we're eating dinner and we're talking about her friend and I start verbalizing my intent to get her friend out of our house. "maybe next time I'll just come over there, start making out with you, and kiss my way down your chest, take your pants off and start eating your pussy, maybe climb up on the couch between you, start kicking and pushing against your friend with my feet, and kick her off the couch while I eat you out. you think she would leave then?" and my wife is blushing and I think that got her going, getting licked while her friend sits there and watches. so she heads to the bedroom after saying "what?!" and giggling a little. embarrassed and flushed in face and elsewhere I'm sure. ;)

so I turn off the tv, and go back to the bedroom. the lights are off. she says "finally! I've been waiting!" but in a playful way. I climb into bed still naked from my shower after coming home. we snuggle up under the blankets and the kitten climbs into bed and lays down between us to snuggle. lol. so I pick him up and set him on the floor. "mommy and daddy's time now buddy"
we're kissing and I'm doing my best to touch her everywhere except her erogenous areas. run my hands over her arms and shoulders and tummy and thighs. avoiding her breasts and pussy. hands through her hair, back of her neck. she's beginning to moan into my mouth. and the kitten is back!
so I escort the little beast to the door, and inform him that the bedroom is full at this time and he will need to wait outside and close him out.

I return to bed and she's on her back, I'm to the side of her, on hands and knees, kissing her, she reaches out between my legs and starts weighing my balls in her hand, then starts stroking me gently, rubbing the tip on the sheets as she's jerking me more vigorously. I work my way down her chest with kisses, stopping to gently nibble or kiss with a little suction, down her breasts to her nipples, which are already hard and thick. I lick the underside of one nipple, pressing up on it from underneath, rolling it on my tongue, breathing on it gently as I go. then I take her pierced one and between my lips and pull it into my mouth, hands still roaming on her thighs, her hand working me harder, pulling my balls down, squeezing them, bringing me under her spell more fully. I tell her "I have to taste your pussy baby" and I climb down between her legs, kissing her thighs open, working my way closer and closer to her pussy, but not touching her there yet.

I kiss and nibble her thighs, on the inside, and towards the back, alternating and working my way across each thigh, skipping a heart beat over her sex. and then I begin to kiss her outer labia, and gently breath against her between kisses. I prod my way into her with my tongue, lapping and kissing her lips and opening to her vagina, avoiding her clit, teasing her, softening her up. and then I press the back of my tongue down against the area above her clit, and gently slide down her hood, then remove my tongue and press it again against the hood up above her clit and slide down. over and over getting firmer until she's quaking and squeezing my face hard with her thighs and I ask if she's had enough and she tells me she wants me inside her. she brings her feet back towards her head, I press my palms against the back of her calf/ankle and lift her ass up and put my thighs under her ass, then with one hand I open her folds and guide my cock against her opening, and dart the tip in and out slowly, working up to it.

It's been awhile since last time so I'm working the head in, and with a little effort I push it past the triceratops ridge into her pussy with a mutual moan. wow I say, you're really tight, she says yes baby, I can feel every ridge and fold and vein on you, and this spurs me, I push deeply into her in one thrust, and back out to just the very tip of the head, and back in deeply, slowly and with an easy rhythm, enjoying every inch of her with every inch of me.

It feels so good I'm having trouble keeping a rhythm and I keep grabbing at her thighs trying to fuck her vigorously without falling off, I'm caught between uncontrollable thrusting and pleasure that's so much I keep losing control of my legs and arms.

she's panting heavy and moaning as her orgasm approaches. I push her legs up higher my hands on the back of her thighs, and I pull out and slap my cock against her pussy hard and rapid a bunch of times, then I hook her thighs in the bend in my arms and hook my hands around her thighs so I can hold on. I push back into her and start rapid fire fucking her holding on latched to her thighs and I'm starting to lose control as her pussy clutches my cock, squeezing it, she says don't stop don't stop fuck me fuck me! and I ask her if she wants me to cum inside her and she says yes, yes, cum inside meeee and turns into groan and silent tension as I pump into her while she cums and I fill her pussy with my seed.

we can't move for a minute or so and I roll off her panting. she says I think I peed and the bed is covered and my crotch and thighs down to my knees are covered and my lower half is glistening in the moonlight. I tell her that's not pee and we clean up and we realize she had her first squirt. musta hit the spot just right at that angle. she says that's a good thing right? embarrassed and I tell her oh yeah, that is such a turn on that I could make you do that and she says you must be feeling like king cock right now huh? and I say yes. we clean up and hold each other then she takes a shower and comes back to bed and we drift off in each other's arms. I dream of her all night. of fucking her from behind, of sitting on a swing set with her, riding double in the sun, her face beaming in the light, warm and happy with a cool breeze and warm sun, her smile and her face is so beautiful and I can't help but to cry a little when I wake up I'm so touched by how wonderful she is.

[User Picture]From: phallusfoam
2009-04-01 02:44 pm (UTC)
naw, not a freak lol ;)

it was cool to get the correct angle and all and just enjoy it all happening :)
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